LeQ Medical

Communicating the ideas that are changing medicine

Client Companies

We have worked for many companies, and we include a few here in alphabetical order:

  • Association of Chronic Pain Patients
  • BeliefNet.com (natural health column)
  • Catheter Robotics
  • Citizens Medical Center
  • Clarity Medical
  • Closure Medical (Johnson & Johnson)–our first client!
  • CreoMed
  • Deborah Heart & Lung Center
  • Flowonix
  • Gambro
  • HMP Communications
  • Kirax Pharmaceuticals (formerly Tigris Pharmaceuticals)
  • Medtronic
  • MindFrame
  • NEMA Research
  • PrepMD
  • RTU Pharmaceuticals, LLC
  • Sequence Medical
  • Sorin
  • St. Jude Medical
  • Temple University
  • Transneuronix
  • Umbria Pharmaceuticals
  • University of Texas Health Science Center
  • Vertical Health

We have also worked or collaborated with a number of individual physicians. We also sometimes partner with other agencies, such as B-Creative and Sidian Consulting.

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