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About Us

LeQ Medical is a medical communications company that specializes in a wide range of communications services exclusively for medical clients. We only do medical work. We prefer to work closely with a small number of clients because our specialties are bringing high levels of expert service rather than doing one-off projects.

Some of the work we do includes:

  • Writing: clinical, technical, promotional
  • Public relations
  • Advertising, copywriting
  • Design, medical illustration, illustrated instructions
  • Web design, web content, SEO, PPC strategies, autoresponder campaigns
  • Photography, videography
  • Scriptwriting for educational, training, or promotional videos
  • Training materials, workbooks, presentations
  • Translation, including certified translations and localization, for selected languages

We produce materials used for:

  • Physicians, clinicians
  • Patients
  • Sales force training
  • Regulatory purposes (technical manuals, user guides)

We work with some of the biggest (and smallest) names in medicine today. We also love working with start-ups. From time to time, we work directly with physicians, inventors, and clinicians.

If you want a different sort of outsource experience–one where you get superior expertise, high levels of service, ongoing commitment, and at prices far lower than conventional agencies–give us a call. We’re not the ideal solution for eveyrone, just for folks who are want cost-effective solutions for medical communications that won’t break the bank.

LeQ Medical



P.S. We’re not a conventional agency. We’re small and we’re located in a small town. We won’t wine and dine you and take you out for a sushi lunch (we work in Angleton, Texas, where they don’t have sushi bars). We won’t assign an account executive to you (every client works with the owner, although we often assemble teams to manage projects). You’ll never catch us in a black turtleneck (it’s 90 degrees here). But you will get expert work, great insights, and what we hope turns into a long-term mutually beneficial relationship. This isn’t for everybody.


P.P.S. References and samples on request, of course. We’d be disappointed if you didn’t ask because we have some references that are pretty impressive.


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