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Test Your QR


Look off to the side of this website to that thing that looks like a Baroque bar code. Know what it is? It’s a QR code. QR stands for Quick Response code. It’s kind of like a decoder ring but for modern adults. To decode this, you need to get a QR reader on your smart phone. There are lots of free apps for this. Then you use the app to take a picture of the code and it translates the code.

You can use this to send people to a website (for instance, you can make it so somebody just “decodes” your QR code and, zap, they’re on your site) or relay some secret information.

Don’t fall for it if somebody offers to sell you your own business-related QR code for $1,000. You can make them for free, providing they’re basic.

So how can you use these?

  • Slap them on a business card–it’s like a special secret-agent card that only experts can read
  • Put them in an ad or brochure to send people to your main website
  • Put a special info page in your website, for instance, insurance plans you accept or 10 symptoms of a gluten allergy. Then put the appropriate QR codes in your brochures or other printed materials.
  • In your practice, put up a poster asking people to sign up for a mailing list or newsletter and use the QR code–that drives them to a sign up page where they can sign up electronically from their phone.

These codes are very clever, extraordinarily user-friendly, and still relatively “new.” Wow your patients with your tech-savviosity. That’s right, we just made up that word.


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