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Quick–What Three Things Does Everyone Have When They Go Out?

Mobile marketing is more important than you think

Today, about 50% of all searches happen on a mobile device

Whether your 8 or 80, nowadays, just about everybody leaving the house takes with him or her keys, a wallet, and a cell phone. In most cases, that phone is a smart phone.

Recent computer usage data reveals that half of all searches for online information did not happen on a laptop or computer but rather on a portable device, typically a smart phone. That number is likely to increase substantially.

So what does this mean to savvy marketers? First of all, if your “only” presence is online, you may be missing out. Smart phone seekers can still find you online via their phones, but unless you are optimized for mobile devices, you are going to have a hard time getting your message through.

What’s more, mobile marketing offers lots of benefits and bells and whistles that the now “traditional” online world does not. For example, you can get clients or patients to sign up with you for text messages (this is called SMS). You can then text your patients or clients with updates, news, specials, promotions, or just periodically to remind them you’re there. You may be one of the smart marketers who is already doing this by email. Well, email is old school. Here’s why: the “open rate” on texts is about 90% or maybe a little higher. That means people cannot resist reading their texts. The open rate for emails even on a good day is about 15%. So you can reach your people better with mobile marketing.

Another boon: the mobile marketing coupon. These are coupons that can be called up on a smart phone and scanned at your business. Mobile coupons are used more than printed coupons for the simple reason that nobody forgets their phone (remember the three things everyone has) whereas some folks forget their paper coupons when they go to the store.

You might be thinking–how can a doctor or hospital use a mobile coupon? Well, let us help you think like a mobile marketer:

  • Offer a coupon for a free book or other educational material when the patient comes in to your office. (Haven’t authored a patient book yet? We can help you!)
  • Offer a discount on a flu shot or other special seasonal treatment
  • Offer fast-track appointments, that is, give the patient some kind of priority treatment or expedited service at the practice

Learn more about mobile marketing by calling us.


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